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MASTERCOOK 2022 Pro (Windows + Cloud)

The most popular MasterCook product is a combination of the award-winning Windows product and a one-year subscription to This allows you to use the Windows product, mobile apps, and the online tools.

MASTERCOOK Cloud & Mobile Apps

Not a Windows user? The subscription allows you to use all of the online features and the mobile apps. Add recipes to your online account, edit them, and use our web clipper to save recipes from websites and blogs. The mobile apps allow you to create special group cookbooks and scale your recipes.


Custom Cookbooks & Recipes

MasterCook allows you to create as many cookbooks as you wish. You can add, edit, delete recipes from your... cookbooks. With a subscription, you can create special group cookbooks to collaborate with others or share a read-only group cookbook with others.

Cost Analysis

The Windows product allows you to input costs for ingredients. Any recipes or menus using those ingredients ...automatically reflect the costs in them.

Nutrition Analysis

The Windows product includes the ingredients from the USDA standard reference library. It recognizes... most common ingredients and can give you a nutritional analysis of your recipes, menus & meal plans.

Cloud Syncing

With a subscription you can keep your files synced between the Windows product and your account. When you make a change from one location, sync to apply the same to the other location. If you lose your computer to fire, theft, etc., you can recover all of your data by syncing a new computer with your private online account.

Menus & Meals Plans

The Windows product allows you to easily add recipes or ingredients to menus and meal plans. A menu is a ...particular course, such as breakfast. A meal plan is several courses over several days.

Pantry & Wine List

The Windows product lets you keep track of items in your pantries. Create separate lists for items in your ...cupboards or refrigerator or freezer. It also has a separate tool that lets you keep track of wines to categorize and add notes for them.

Recipe Scaling

If you need a recipe to serve different number, just change the servings number, and the ingredient amounts ...are automatically changed for you. In the Windows product you can also convert the units of measures, such as from teaspoons to tablespoons or cups to quarts, etc.

Printing Templates

The Windows product comes with nearly 20 different print templates. You can edit to customize any of them to... print your recipes and cookbooks. The MasterCook Windows product will even create a table of contents and indexes when printing a cookbook.

Group Cookbooks

You can create special group cookbooks to collaborate with other MasterCook users. These can be created... from either the Windows product or the mobile apps. You can specify if they are read-only or allow others to add their own recipes to the special group cookbook.