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MASTERCOOK 15 PRO (Most Popular)

$125.00 personal / $175.00 business

This is a combination of the Windows product and a one-year subscription to Whether you are cooking for 3,000 at a Las Vegas buffet or cooking at home for family and friends, MasterCook Pro give users the most comprehensive recipe and kitchen management system at an affordable price across all of your devices.

-MasterCook 15 requires Windows 10 works with any computer or mobile device
-Two great products to cover all of your needs
-MasterCook 15 gives you the most tools to analyze the cost and nutrition of recipes and menus 
-MasterCook 15 includes thousands of common ingredients that you can edit or add your own 
-Use MasterCook 15's substitutions tool to suggest alternative ingredients based on allergies
-Take your recipes and shopping lists on the go with MasterCook Cloud
-Collaborate and share recipes with others in real time using group cookbooks across multiple locations
-Store up to 50,000 recipes in your private, online account to access from anywhere
-After the first year, if you wish to continue to using the online features, you can purchase a subscription renewal.

MASTERCOOK 15 (Windows Only)

$70.00 personal / $140.00 business

The MasterCook Windows product has been a top cooking app for over 25 years! Perfect for smaller kitchens or home based chefs to use on their personal Windows computer. Organize unlimited recipes into custom cookbooks. 

-Requires Windows 10 to sync with a account. (The rest of the program works on Win Vista, 7, 8, or 10.)
-Works with or without a subscripton (purchased separately)
-Store unlimited recipes in the program on your computer
-It comes with over 8,000 recipes 
-Create meal plans and shopping lists
-Customize cookbooks and recipes to add your own notes, images and video
-Nutritional analysis and costing per serving, recipe & menu
-Data stored within files on your computer


$100.00 initial purchase price for 1 year
$55.00 personal / $125 business yearly renewal
$5.00 monthly automatic renewal (personal use only)

For use with any computer or moible device. Use the web importer to collect recipes from your favorite websites. Take your recipes on the road to any location to show off you culinary skills. Access your online shopping lists while at the grocery store.

-Requires internet access
-Import recipes from the web with the one click web importer 
-Store up to 50,000 recipes in your private, personal account 
-Collaborate and share recipes with others in real time using group cookbooks
-Works with the free MasterCook app in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store


$175.00 A special product of MasterCook 15 and a 2-Year subscription

MasterCook is used in many high school and college culinary classes across the USA. Thousands of students and teachers are using MasterCook today in their classroom. This is a special combo package for our customers who are in culinary programs. Contact MasterCook Support for inquirying on a volume discount. 

-MasterCook 15 requires Windows 10
-Includes a 2-year subscription to MasterCook Cloud (runs on any computer and device)
-Over 8,000 recipes in 30 cookbooks included
-Cost analysis tool lets you calculate costs for any recipe or menu
-Nutritionally analyze recipes and menus per serving or per recipe or menu
-Scale recipes and menus for any number of servings



MasterCook is used by many professionals across the world from chefs on private yachts to hospital cafeterias and adult living communities and Las Vegas hotels. Use MasterCook across a network or through the MasterCook Cloud. 

-Share cookbooks and menus across a network
-Create custom recipes and menus to “push out” to kitchen staff/remote locations
-Print custom labels with nutritional content
-Cost analysis tool lets you calculate costs for any recipe or meal 
-Scale recipes and menus for any number of servings

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