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Not for business use. FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. It runs on Windows 8 and greater.

MasterCook is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Come learn why MasterCook has been a necessary tool for a variety of chefs for over 30 years! We will give you a free copy of MasterCook 14 for you to enjoy. It runs on Windows 8 or newer. Not for business use. FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Mac users: It uses Windows system files, so if you have a Mac computer, you will need to install a full version of Windows onto your Mac computer. Apple explains how to do that. See here.

This is the stand-alone Windows product ONLY and does not require a subscription to However, you can use it with a subscription to if you wish. You can upload your cookbooks and recipes from MasterCook on the computer to your online account as explained here: Uploading Recipes from MasterCook to

Watch the video of MasterCook 14 to see what it is like.

Get started today and let MasterCook help you in the kitchen!

  • Over 8,000 recipes included
  • Add your own recipes
  • 1 click to add your recipes to a shopping list, menu, or meal plan
  • Print your recipes or even your entire cookbook of recipes
  • Add your own custom ingredients
  • Perform a cost and nutritional analysis of your recipes, menus, and meal plans
  • 1 click to add your menu or meal plan to a shopping list (It automatically combines the same ingredients based on the unit of measure.)


What's new in MasterCook 15? See here.

What's new in MasterCook 2020? See here.

What's new in MasterCook 22? See here.

MasterCook has a YouTube channel with many videos that show you not only what the program looks like but how to use some of the popular features. See here.

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