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Dear MasterCook Fans,

First, a hearty thank you for choosing MasterCook as your recipe and cookbook management system. We know many have been using MasterCook for decades!

The team is dedicated to making MasterCook even better! With recent introductions of new features and mobile applications, users can access MasterCook at home or on the go. We will continue to improve the user experience and provide regular mobile app updates. We have an experienced development team to support MasterCook on all platforms.

Many of you already know Pam Erickson. Pam has been providing support on the original version since the early 1990s and knows MasterCook inside and out. Pam is the managing director of operations enabling us to capture critical requirements and feature suggestions from all users. Our goal is to continue to make MasterCook the best it can be. Pam's enthusiasm and knowledge is reflective in MasterCook and ongoing as our customer support team leader.

We want to hear from you!

What features would you like to see? Contact us now and let us know! You can feel confident that as we expand the feature set, we are also making MasterCook easier to use.

Thank you again for your continued support and best to you and your families for sharing in delicious and bountiful recipes via MasterCook!

Thank you!

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